As technology moves more and more towards Cloud Based Solutions instead of traditional On-Premise, we are presented with several options on how to deploy our applications. The time has never been more confusing given so many possibilities. So how do we go about choosing our architecture?

Types of Cloud Based Infrastructure

We have two types of Cloud Based Infrastructure as follows.

Server Based Computing

Server Based Computing is basically when in order to run our application or software, we set up a server or provision it from a Cloud Provider like AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform) or Azure (Microsoft). We then install the required packages…

You’ve probably heard the buzz word API go around a lot. API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. If you don’t know what that means the official definition is as below:

“An application programming interface (API) is a set of protocols, routines, functions and/or commands that programmers use to develop software or facilitate interaction between distinct systems.” — Technopedia

Ref —

What it means in very simple words is that API’s are a way for computer programs or softwares to share information or data with each other. They are used by company softwares to exchange information with other company softwares…

Here is an easy tutorial to help understand how you can use Pandas to get data from a RESTFUL API and store into a database in AWS Redshift.

Some basic understanding of Python (with Requests, Pandas and JSON libraries), REST APIs, Jupyter Notebook, AWS S3 and Redshift would be useful.

The goal of the tutorial is to use the geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude) provided in a CSV file to call an external API and reverse geocode the coordinates (i.e. get location details) and lastly store the response data in a Redshift table.

Have you ever looked at Excel sheets and thought “Oh my God! It all looks the same and its so hard to see what I need”, well the solution is here…. in the form of Data Visualisation Tools like Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Plotly etc.

Working with Excel has always been the job or domain of data analysts and traditionally its been hard to do anything with Excel without having to write complex formulae or macros. …

Eric Sales De Andrade

Founder @ Nutrivy

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